What a Metal Roofing System Means for You

Investing in a metal roof:

It's one of the best decisions a homeowner can make in regards to enriching your home’s aesthetics and increasing your property value.

 Visually appealing, eco-friendly, energy-efficient and durable – the solutions metal roofing boast are beneficial to all varieties of homes, regardless of locale. 

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Choose your look

Metal Roof Crafters field a vast selection of styles, construction materials, paints and coatings, allowing you to easily achieve the aesthetic that best complements your home. 

Traditional roofing materials such as metal standing seam panels are offered in a vast array of colors which provide a distinctive architectural impression.

If the standard look of metal roofing doesn’t appeal to your vision, our roofing systems can be made to mimic the appearance of commonly used roofing materials such as cedar shake or slate – all while retaining the durability and sturdiness of metal.

efficiency & savings

Environment friendly, Energy Efficient roofing

Metal roofs are generally considered to be the most sustainable and environmentally friendly roofing options available.

Depending on the variety of material employed in construction, metal roofs are manufactured with a minimum of 25% recycled material and are all 100% recyclable.

What’s more, metal roofing affords newer homes lighter structural accommodations due to the weight being typically half of its asphalt counterparts, increasing your properties structural integrity.

Furthermore, the ability to install a metal roof over an existing roofing structure greatly reduces the environmental disruption that disposal entails – in stark contrast to asphalt roofing, which requires hundreds of barrels of crude oil to produce, of which 20 billion pounds are dumped into landfills annually.

Save on home utilities

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Recuced home energy expenditure

all while offering superb insulation during those cold winter months.
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Reflection of solar radiation

Typical asphalt roofing absorbs emitted solar radiation and therefore heat, as compared with metal roofing, which reflects and re-emits up to 90% of solar radiation, depending on the type of reflective paint.

long term value

A worthy investment

The lifespan of a metal roof far exceeds that of its counterparts – asphalt roofing generally requires replacement within twenty years, while metal roofing typically lasts upwards of fifty plus years with little to no additional maintenance. 

So, while some may scoff at metal roofing being slightly more expensive initially, the financial benefits will surely be realized in the long term.

lifetime protection

Correctly installed, metal roofing is effectively invulnerable to a wide range of extreme weather. 

Boasting lifespans of up to fifty years – our metal roofs don’t crack, rot or rust, making them well-equipped to negate commonly-encountered environmental hazards. 

Extreme windstorms or hurricanes, coupled with massive precipitation are no match for the large interlocking panels of a metal roof, which withstand gusts of up to 140 mph – reducing the chance of a potential leak. 

Hail is responsible for 1.6 billion dollars’ worth of damage to homeowners annually, a weather event metal roofs totally neutralize due to their inherent durability. 

A common misconception regarding metal roofing is that it is susceptible to lightning strikes, although in actuality the metal panels are both noncombustible and conductive, dramatically reducing the risk of fire and damage from lightning. 

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Wind protection

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